when you ring someone once to get their number on your phone.
Person 1: someone is calling me.
Person 2: im stinging you, so you have my number.
by millieislanky January 14, 2012
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Someone who wont share things - said 'stinjj'
'Your a stinge!'
'Your so stingey'
by HairMetalGlamRock April 26, 2006
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1. /verb/ to sting someone; be stung by someone. Referring to an event and/or comment that leaves you feeling humiliated or embarrassed.

2. /noun/ A sting.
P1: "I got fired today"
P2: "Ooo sting"
by cuzmore December 19, 2010
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a former wrestler for the WCW...and some retard at my school.
by signaling_suicide_failures March 10, 2004
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used when talking about something that hurts, humiliating or sucks.
Guy 1: Her dad came in while we were doin it.

Guy 2: stings.

by D5 January 29, 2003
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1. Now a solo artist, he is the former leader of the band, The Police.

2. The greatest professional wrestler ever, never to sign with Vince McMahon and the WWF/WWE.
Boy #1: I hate Sting

Boy #2: The singer or the wrestler?

Boy #1: The singer! I fuckin' love the wrestler Sting! I wish he'd sign with the WWE already!
by Jonesy718 March 7, 2010
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Someone who’s stingy and doesn’t like to share their weed but hovers next to you expecting a cone, with a smug grin on their face.
Person 1: “Dude, I just brought half an ounce off my cousin!”
Person 2: “Sweet man! Wanna chill tonight?”
Person 1: “Ah man, I would but, I’m a stinge
by Who's who April 26, 2019
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