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Obsessed fan of the LOrd of the Rings movies. Comes from the word Wingnut which is the production company. Similar to trekkie and star wars geek.
Shawn has seen Two Towers 83 times. He is a Ringnut.
by matt October 17, 2004
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Similar to Trekkies and Star Wars geeks. All they talk about is Lord of the Rings, all day.
"Join our Ringunts discussion forums! We have no social lives whatsoever!"
by Matt October 10, 2003
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n. an enthusiastic fan of the Lord of the Rings movies. Overly emotional and irrational, they honestly believe that every piece of cinema that has or will be produced is inferior to the trilogy, and will often lurk in movie chatrooms making this point abundantly clear. Most have not read the books, or did not until they saw the movies. Most can be identified by the pudding stains on their shirts.
Never discuss the Academy Awards with a ringnut; you'll just give them fuel. Give me a Star Wars geek any day.
by Hoosafudge March 24, 2004
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