While driving, turning so that the sun light shines into your eyes, blinding you. In reference to the scene where Saruman's army turns to face Gandalf and the horsemen, and as they go in to fight, the sun shines into the Orcs' and Goblins' eyes.
I was driving my wife to work in the morning. As I turned onto the main street, I was Two Towered and almost got into an accident.
by The Paladin Skye August 30, 2011
The act of person A sitting on person B's lap, while person B sits on toilet and both proceed to simultaneously shit.
Guy: Dude, Mark and Jacob are getting too close, I caught them doing the Two-Lap Tower last night.
Guy 2: Fuck man, that is weird.
by vortexwolf13 October 12, 2015
This is an insult used to say someone has a small penis; Usually a nick name.
"Put away that two inch tower John, and stop looking at Claire!"
by Jerry Bob Jonclair April 13, 2006