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A person, usually a best friend, who expresses their friendship to the max whereas one person would even die for the other. There are ride-n-die chicks which a boy usually claims a close female companion or girlfriend type but with closer bonding. A true ride-n-die person shows extreme affection and admiration towards the other ride-n-die, doing everything and anything for the opposing person, including getting in trouble, dying for them, or giving up everything for their friendship. A ride-n-die is the highest level of companionship.
Fefe: Damn Bonnie and Clyde, those natorious theifs, were killed together I learned today in history.
Jayla: Yea, they loved each other, robbed with each other, and died together. They were true ride and die.

Omar: Man Jane, you like my girl but a my nigga at the same time.
Jane: Yea I figured
Omar: You ma ride and die chick forreal.
by Newport Boo 813 May 05, 2008
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