Known to do something bad as in- sick, bad as in good,mad wicked, knarly
"Tom just done the most natorious trick on the hip skating today"
by puni dow March 14, 2008
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The meaning of natorious phanfictions is the collective of a group of -story's- backing themselves around the lives of YouTube personalities Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) and PHIL Lester (AmazingPhil).

This collection is vast but a few of these Phanfics are:

- The hat fic

- The cherry fic

- The skin fic

- The Chair fic
Tim: Hey did you read one of those natorious phanfictions I told you about with the snake?

Bob: Man what is wrong with you! that was the sickest thing I've ever read.
by mushroom_the_man123 December 28, 2016
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usaully called kaylee davis. extremly sluttly and ugly and used to feed to lions after mating with one another. there very ugly and cock blockers.
kaylee davis. natorious whore
by lickitup707 August 13, 2011
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Natori/Naturi is an amazing name, It means bird and there are many places with the name Natori in it. Such as the Natori river, the designer brand; Natori, and an actor/singer & songwriter, Naturi. Natori is the hottest, gayest, and most amazing person you’ve ever meet and ever will meet.
Natori is...Gay
by November 21, 2021
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A well known wanna-be slut...
Oh wow! She is being a natorious slutorious around all the party people.
by SarahT1405 October 22, 2022
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