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The vagina of an Asian girl.
Man, I was shank deep in that rice paddy when her dad walked in on me and started screaming about how she was supposed to be studying!
by Jdog1998 April 15, 2013
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Term for a subset of asians in america who feel their stereotyped racial heritage and/or educational background automatically ranks them ahead of all other races and schools, especially regarding math and science. In actuality, they have a humble family history of rice farming, which is exactly what they would be doing if their family didn't escape their home country hidden on a shipping freighter. Their misplaced belief in possessing amazing math and science skills is only in comparison to rice farmers, at which point even an uneaten dog would be equally skillful. Their farming heritage also partially explains why they are so bad at driving, as cars do not exist on a rice paddy.

This blend of false fortitude and past bitterness breeds a passive-aggressive behavior which results in an uncanny ability to not see anything while driving, as they think their superiour math and science skills somehow equates superior technical driving ability. Actually, their educational smugness produces delusions of all superior technical abilities (especially in the workplace), leading to the rightful retaliation by racial prejudice from the white driving man.
Example 1

Police officer: Tell me how this 50 car pileup accident happened.
Witness 1: A white honda, I think, just swooped across all 8 lanes of freeway traffic without even using a blinker.
Officer: White honda? Do you remember the plate number, or a description of the driver?
Witness 2: Oh yeah, the plate said "IRUVDOG" and the driver was a shortish, dark-haired woman... with slanty eyes...
Officer: Oh, a rice paddy?
Witnesses (together): YEAH

Example 2

Asian person: Herro.
White driving man: Fucking rice paddy.
by Jergen banker July 20, 2009
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