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To rapidly and repeatedly thrust a long penis inside a female's vagina.
That horny bastard was ribbin that bitch until midnight.
by DCNTB June 05, 2007
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Amber was ribbin' the ugly dress that she wore.

James was ribbin' Mike for the shoes he was wearing.
by qdmasta September 06, 2003
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1830 till 1930 Southern United States slang for Flatulence or Farting. Since constipation was so common in that particular part of the U.S during that time due to the things they ate, and lack of effective laxitives, There crap would cause tearing in the inner anus resulting in a ribbon of skin that blows outward when farting.
Dorothy Ann blew a ribbin sabad yesturdy she had to scrub warsh all the duke and blood stains from her drawers.
by Dr Crawford June 20, 2015
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