(verb) To solicit conversation with another man while standing at a urinal, on any pretext, not necessarily sexual. For instance, friendly banter in a public house toilet or 'talking shop' in workplace bathroom. Usually an unwanted intrusion while passing water.
"Hey Dave, do you need extra time on that Kenton report?"
"Yeah, I discussed it with Marty - I just Rhubarbed him in the bathroom. His wife is a lucky woman"
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A rhubarb is what you get when you go to a massage parlor that gives happy endings. The rhubarb part is the sexual part, the handjob after the massage.
Dude, I went to the Chinese place and got a rhubarb, it was off the hook. Really? I like going to the Russians for a good rhubarb.
by Joe L January 11, 2004
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a) A euphemistic way for calling someone a retard.
b) One who is severely retarded.
Did you hear about my roommate? He thinks letting a pizza sit means leaving it in the oven for longer. Man, that guy is such a rhubarb.
by diebearenjuden September 25, 2010
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A word golfers invented to describe the long grasses or other types of plant growth they shoot their ball into.
Fuck Dave! I my drive went into the fucking rhubarb!

Looks like im gonna need my wedge. I'm in that rhubarb over there.
by DeezNutz May 09, 2004
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a food that people like to eat with custard
what are we having for dessert, ma?
oh, um, how about rhubarb and custard?
by +*+*+*+*+ August 09, 2007
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Only the coolest word you will come accross.
It defines tom hume and katie thornton cause they are soo totally rhubarb, rhuabarb meaning really cool.
Its cause we're rhubarb. :D
"haha its cause im cool"
"Yeh your cool but i'm rhubarb"
"ermm... okay?"
by ktxoxoxkt March 01, 2009
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