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rhiann is a fabulous person who works well with others.
she is very fun to be around and she is always on fleek.
omg that movie was so rhiann fabulous on fleek rhirhi fabu
by sparky177 July 24, 2015
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all the boys chase her. she doesn't want anybody but that one person . fun to be around .laughs at any and every thing. she is pretty so she has strict parents. stays in the house most of the time. she is a keeper . she loyal
"why can't i be like Rhiann ?"
by Money&Faith June 18, 2018
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Slovenly, agressive cave monster.
Rather beastly looking thing with a big bump on its head.

Drools and growls a lot when approached.
Can be seen in some zoo's but generally found in the bush.
Popular image to be used to create scary carnival rides in the House of Horrors.
"We were watching the Bush Tucker Man on tv the other day and he came across a native rhiann. He described this as a type of bush pig that is not much good for eating but they are great to use for crab bait."

I saw a rhiann once in the zoo when I was little.
It was so scary looking that it had to run away and hide!
by jolilapin April 10, 2010
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Rhiann is a beautiful girl with an amazing personality . She has all the curves and everyone loves her . Rhiann can be nice most of the time although when she is angry she is angry.
Is that Rhiann over there !
by Dog cats March 04, 2019
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