Give me a zoo zoo, I'll pay you back two of em.
by Tracy Davis May 3, 2006
a machine pistol usually refers to a mac11 or uzi.
we need to go pick up a couple zoo zoos for the hit tonight.
by elephant lover May 14, 2008
Slang terminology used by street gangs meaning Uzi.
I'm going to go to the grocery store and get a zoo zoo
by Urban street master January 4, 2008
A large apartment complex located in Chico, CA with a reputation for outrageous parties and debauchery by it's tenants who are primarily college students. The property was once a vacant lot known as Hahn Field where the circus used to set up each year hence "The Zoo" reference. The nickname lives on with the Zoo like behavior of the college kid tenants.
Dude! There's a full on riot going on at the zoo right now!
by altoby5 January 4, 2010
(Probably no longer in use), however, the South Shore of Mass in the late 70s used "zooed" to mean: To put someone in an embarassing situation that they don't understand, yet everyone else is laughing at them....
Jane drove into the student parking lot in her dad's car, not knowing that eight jock straps and a 12 pack were dragging behind her tail pipe, she was wicked zooed.....
by WPD January 17, 2006