When one person in a couple provides oral sex (or any other sexual favor) for the other repeatedly, and wants the other person to do the same to him/her.
Kate: "I always give you oral sex, why don't you return the favor?"
John: "Okay, I will"
by yyts2 September 10, 2009
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The act of performing filatio in return for the opposite member giving cunnalingus, or vise versa
'And she didn't even return the favor? what a bitch!'

'Her BJ was so good, i had to return the favor... even though she tasted like tuna'
by DespairChild July 6, 2004
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The act of hitting the ball back to your opponent in a game of ping pong by smashing it and running to the left side leaving him with no chance of hitting it back.
by TheGunnaGuy August 24, 2021
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