to receive gr8 head from a trick
Man, Keisha gave me the gr8est filatio last night.
by BigJay November 3, 2004
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The practice of oral sex given to a male.
Girl: Want filatio?
Boy: What the fuck is that shit?
Girl: Its a Blow Job.
Boy: Your a fucking nerd! Stop using words like that.
Girl: So do you?
Boy: Not after your fucking words!
by Peoples Champ April 27, 2006
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a fancier word for filet o fish
i want me some filatio
by gabriel santos April 26, 2009
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Much like a Friend Request is an offer of Friendship, Filatio Request is an offer of oral sex. The phrase can be used by either the person seeking oral sex or the person offering it up. This is a clever way to express one's interest either communicated through text, or said aloud, but only with both arms bent at the elbow, hands out and palms to the sky in the classic "I don't know" fashion.
Male "Filatio Request?"
Female "Hell no, but thanks for being so creative."


Female"Filatio Request?"
Male"Hell yes please and thank you."
by mvontess September 10, 2010
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A Filatio Sanchez is when you grow a thick moustache and you meet a girl with a hairy muff and you rub your moustache against her piss flaps and when she cums you make sure she cums in your mouth, swish around your mouth, and spit it back at her face preferably on her upperlip hence the name filatio sanchez.
Girl: You made my muff so tingly after that filatio sanchez last night.

Jamal: Bitch i told you to shut up now let me spit on you to complete the filatio sanchez ya dirty slut.
by Big Cheep December 27, 2011
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