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a condition where one displays a complete and utter lack of social skills. a person affected with retarditis may have an IQ slightly higher than his or her own age.
Zeb's test results just came back from the doctor and the results are positive. He has retarditis. The doctors say he only has 6 months 'til he's a full blown retard.
by C Had April 28, 2006
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(Retard-i-tis) 1 out of 3 humans have this disease. Retarditis is caused by multiple reasons, like being dropped on your head as a child, using way to many drugs which eliminate a persons brain cells.
Ways to spot Retarditis is

1 people who do stupid things multiple times a day.
2 people with learning and speak problems.
3 people who go to public places and act like a mentaly handicapped person.
Dave, "I think that kid on that short school bus has retarditis"

Look at my retarded friends, they got retarditis
by rjcrjc April 20, 2011
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