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A pejorative term used in the game of World of Warcraft to refer to a Paladin that is specced retribution. (Coined by Holyshawk.)
Any pally that specs ret is a retardin.
by Mark Stevens October 30, 2007
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A pejorative term in the game 'World of Warcraft', refers to a player using a Paladin class that has no idea what he/she is doing and is unlikely to listen to advice.

Usually applies to a Protection (tank) Paladins, but may be used for the other specialisations.

Being the wrong specialisation for the job you are trying to do (Trying to be a damage dealer as Protection, for example) also qualifies for being a Retardin.

Overlaps with being Noob.
Why the hell is that retardin just casting Exorcism over and over? Why doesn't he have Righteous Fury up!?
by MGlBlaze March 08, 2011
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