When somebody is unexpectedly quite physically strong. Everyone knew of the kids in highschool with down syndrome, which were incorrectly referred to as 'retarded'. Many of these kids are physically stronger than would be expected. Most of us have witnessed an event where one of these kids got in a phyiscal altercation with someone (or someTHING), whether based out of an argument or just horsing around, and the kid was surprisingly powerful.. probably stronger than anyone else at the school.
This is known as being Retard-strong.
(Term also found in the movie Clerks2, during the car ride scene back from the go-kart track)
by Flek January 05, 2007
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What if a customer comes in and my jerkin off gets him all sex nuts and retard strong? Suddenly I'm fighting him off as he tries to jam my dick in his mouth.
by Shadows24k March 26, 2011
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We all know chimps are much stronger than humans, and retards are much stronger than "normal" humans... can you imagine the strength of a retarded chimp? A new level of "going apeshit"
When the police arrived and tried to cuff him, he got retard chimp strong, kicked the two pepper spraying cops asses, and ran into the night.
by Alpino May 06, 2016
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