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1. pronunciation of "retarded" attributed to residents of the Boston area

2. stupid, silly, asinine, pointless; devoid of logic, substance, and/or justification (this usage should not be confused with "retarded")

3. adjective used to describe anyone who does not find janet reno sexually attractive
by no war April 30, 2003
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An adjective commonly used in Toronto Canada's east end to describe a female as extremely good-looking. The phrase, originally known as "retarded-hot", was created to differentiate between a girl who was merely attractive, to one who was "ridiculously good-looking". After a few months the word "hot" was dropped and it is speculated the pronunciation of "retarded" was changed due to the originators of this term being big Saturday Night Live fans.
"Hey Jordo, tell me about that chick you met last night, was she hot?"

"She's retahded"
by D-Roach April 19, 2008
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1) retard, except said with a boston accent.
1) That fuckin' retahd hit my cah.
by George K. March 29, 2005
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1. Used to reference something good or exceptional
2. Used negatively in response to the rest of the world's obsession/hatred of the Boston area accent.
3. Used to descride how your face looks after I fight you for critisizing my accent despite being unprovoked.
"That homerun Ortiz hit was wicked retahded", "Why does everyone act wicked retahded when it comes to our accent?", "Hey Mike, look what I just did to this douchebags face, he looks wicked retahded!"
by Kiva April 12, 2006
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this phrase contains two words:
1. Wicked- Very
2. Retarded- Stupid
Therefore it means very stupid
by MARKY MARK March 20, 2005