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material sometimes remaining in the bottom of the bowl when one does not practice the proper follow up flushing... esp in public toilets.
Dave is always leaving brownie batter in the bottom of the toilet, management needs to have a discussion with him regarding his resipoo.
by Shakez da Clown May 17, 2011
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The itchy 'cornhole clingers' that often only make themselves apparent approximately twenty minutes after a hurried post-shit wipe.
Hey Elliot, I've got a right itchy arsehole, I must have some resipoo left on my ring from my hangover shite.
by Mrs Pennyapple February 05, 2014
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rez-i-poo---the sticky, usually brown and smelly, residue left on the penis (or other tool/appendage) after it is removed from the anus.
"I ain't gonna suck that jimmy after it's been up there. It's all covered with resipoo"
by Mustached Angelina Incognitus January 16, 2008
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The residual dog crap that sticks to the bottom of your shoe that is almost impossible to get off.

After you step on dog poo and try to scrape as much of it off on the sidewalk and grass, there is always some left in the crevices of the tread in your shoe. That is the resipoo.
Don't get into my car until you've washed away all the resipoo on your shoe.
by Iconel December 05, 2011
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The poo that is left over and stuck to the toilet after flushing
I had to scrub the resipoo from the toilet because it would come off after I flushed.
by Dr. Pooh August 27, 2014
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