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Anyone who holds very traditional, moral, and christian views toward his own pubic hair.
Please, don't touch my bathing suit area! I'm a Repubican.
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A conservative person so obsessed with those who are able to have a healty sex lives will under the ruse of patriotism bring the US government to a standstill, spend millions of dollars trying to entrap,impeach and otherwise disgrace a president who though a flawed human being, as we all are, was still able to hold onto his humanity. These repubicans (note small "r") will then accuse anyone of being non-patriotic.
by Demoncrat with balls August 31, 2003
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Tiny dicked/titied Republican mutherfuckers/aspiring cocksuckers more concerned with "pubic" issues than issues of the "Public". Repubicans main purpose for aspiring to public office is to gain control of matters "pubic". Repubicans are psychosocially arrested in the pre-pubescent stage of development. Their obsession with topics "pubic" is their futile attempts to actually enter the "pubescent" stage of child development. FUGETABOUTIT. Pubican, Pubs, Fuckin Pubs; slang for Repubican. There is a ground swell of concensus in the community of humanity that Repubicans are latent homos.
Repubicans can suck my dick.
Fuck them Pubican assholes.
Pubs wish they could get some lipstick for their limp dipsticks.
A Repubican who gets a blowjob immediately changes political parties and learns how to party.
by Demoncrat_with_Balls August 31, 2003
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Synonym for Republican, people obsessed with things, issues, topics relating to the "pubic" area. Generally, envious of anyone who has had blissful experiences with sex. Repubicans have been known to define patriotism as bringing the US government to a standstill in the attempt to impeach a president. Repubicans have no reservations in using government monies in the pursuit of their goals and will accuse you of treason if you question them.
by Demoncrat_with_balls August 31, 2003
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A Republican who drops his party to join another. When he repents he rejoins the Republican Party and thus becomes a Born Again Repubican.
You know, Joe is kinda wishy washy.
Oh yeah, how come?
Well, he was first a Republican, then he joined Save the Killer Whale Party and now he is a Repubican.
Ahhh, I get it.
by Mayuura February 11, 2008
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Mispelling of REPUBLICAN. A cheap stab usually made by dimwits with minimal levels of literacy who allow the heavily biased media and Hollywood elite to dictate to them what they shoould think.

Sad, really.
"duuuhhh.. Micheal Moore says Repubicans are bad. Im going to beleive him without geting the facts to decide for myself because celebrities always know better than I do, even when the facts contradict them. Ooh! A shiny object! Dur hur hur!!!"
by Doc Evil November 03, 2003
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