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A repugnant, right-wing endfeather who is not unlike a pubic hair in the desirability of their presence in polite society.
The Repube party stands out in their desire to bring the country to a unique end.
by MaxV61 April 05, 2011
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n. 1. short for republican

2. A tool who cites Fox News as a credible source and 'demands answers' from liberal politicians before even googling his or her own question to see that the majority of shit spewed can be dispelled almost instantly.

3. A douchenozzle who complains about "Big Gubmint" but had no problem with Bush II's largest expansion of government in recent history.

4. Typically, a bro who claims that tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent of Americans might someday apply to him but in the meantime drives a piece of shit rusty car from the 80s with a Bush-Cheney and/or McCain-Palin bumper sticker on it.

5. On the other hand, a fratboy who drives an Audi (with same stickers) that his rich dad bought him and doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about but just votes however his parents tell him.

6. A Bush voter who hates black people but won't admit it and instead claims they hate Obama because of "the Constitution and shit."

7. A bigot, hypocrite who thinks that gays violate the sanctity of marriage even though most repube politicians have had, like, seventeen wives.

8. A dumbass
- I don't feel like going to the Ed Hardy store - that place is overflowing with bro repubes.

- Fuck that repube.

- Does this repube even read the news? I'll bet he gets all his fair-and-balanced information from Fox.

- Goddamn, repubes suck ass.
by LiberalScum August 24, 2010
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