Gubmint - The Government
"On Wenzdee, ah gits mah free gubmint cheez."
by Bob May 23, 2004
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A literal criminal organization. Somehow convinces people that they need it.
The Best Gubmint gubin the people the least because its people discipline themselves.- Thomas Jefferson
by YungDaggerDiq March 12, 2021
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Government, as used by right-wing pansies, used to "protest" progressive taxation against the capitalist class who stole the wealth from the working class in the first place. In the place of taxation, the right-wingers advocate charity, in other words, they ask the capitalists to be generous with other people's (working class) money!
"Waah! The gubmint stole my money which I got by brutally exploiting third world sweatshop employees! Waah!" - Right-winger crying over taxes
by RedBlackBabu April 19, 2009
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Technically this is BP's oil, but you better believe that those greedy Gulf Coast bastards will keep whatever oil they find on their coasts for themselves, and the fejrul gubmint won't do a thing to stop them.
by jonnyrash July 16, 2010
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