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Renars is a kind boy who is sometimes annoying but absolutely loveable.he Is absolutely drop dead cute! They are mostly tall and are funny as anything! If you have a Renars then keep him. He's a laughable boyfriend with a kind-heartโค
OMG!!! I just saw Renars I'm gonna die๐Ÿ˜ฑ
by PigLover43 February 12, 2017
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He is loud and obnoxious. He can make you smile at times and also make you wanna roll your eyes. The are mostly gay and are airways trying to help girls with their love lives. They can be violent but THAT violent
Tae: oh look at renar we should go shopping some time
by Savansley February 20, 2019
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A gay/bisexual boy. Always triggers and trolls his friends. Is a helpful assistant to Ilze. Watches anime/hentai on his spare time. At the end of all, a kind guy, but sometimes annoying af.
Renars: I like this girl.
Someone: Renar, stop lying, you are gay/bisexual.
by Ramen69 January 14, 2018
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