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A prescription drug that has two primary affects. The ability to induce coma like slumber all the while allowing bowel movement.
Bro A: "dude, you hear about the new drug relaxative?"

Bro B: "I hear it knocks you out and makes you feel like shit"
by suomynna December 22, 2011
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A prescription drug given to people who need to calm down. Slightly more powerful than the ubiquitous chill pill.
"Dude A and Dude B will not shut up about losing in beer pong; they really could use some relaxatives."

"I told my mom to grab a relaxative and chill the fuck out about my girlfriend being pregnant."
by nate y ellinor September 22, 2009
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When someone is feeling stressed or anxious they may be asked to 'take a relaxative' as another way of asking them to calm down. Another way of telling someone to de-stress or not worry so much.
Mike "I'm so worried about this next tee shot."
Big Dog "Mate, take a relaxative and smash it down the middle."

Wife "Are you going to get off your butt and do the yardwork?"
Husband "Geez, take a relaxative - I'll get to it after the football."
by Bettsy_Down_Under November 28, 2010
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n. Anything, physical or emotional, that clears and frees a constipated mind.
The best relaxative for any of my stresses is my lady.
by smearical October 13, 2004
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A stimulant or relaxant that one ingests or inhales before spending a holiday with relatives. Initially termed for a stiff drink but has evolved with the demands of progress to include anything that can positively alter your state. Best described as smooth and mellowing in it's desired effect. Softening sharp edges, get the pun? Relaxative.
1. Just before the whole clan family arrives we always take a break for a quick relaxative.

2. The inlaws can be demanding at the best of times and they don't drink, so my fiancee and I always leave time to park the car and walk up the street for a relaxative before we head inside for a sure to be grueling dinner.

3. This calls for a relaxative!
by 123eric April 06, 2010
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