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A Reise is a superhuman, wizard like man, with magical powers to take any "negative" situation and weave it into a golden opportunity! Reise's are born with the Innate ability to read people to the T, A Reise can know you better than you know your self, so watch it they are impossible to lie to. Reise's can do so many things ranging anywhere from riding a motorcycle, to shredding on a guitar.. They just pick things up naturally. Even though reise's are such natural talents they remain humble about everything, besides their looks, reises love looking in the mirror, and checking them selfs out, who can blame them? Reises are great in bed, and make the best dads.. They are unpredictable in a good way, and have the awesome ability of making life simple and magical all at once! If you are with a Reise, don't let him go, because you will regret it!
Guy one: did you see that guy Reise, he just shat out a bucket of four leaf clovers and left them there!

Guy two: that's a Reise for ya, I hear they can do anything
by Johnny malcom January 15, 2014
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