When you are fucking her doggie style, get a nose bleed and pour blood onto her back.
The air here is so dry I redbacked this whore while pounding her from behind. Oops!
by Bizz Jizz February 21, 2016
An extremely venomous spider found in most regions of Australia. The spider most often associated with Australia
"Johnny got bitten by a redback and was rushed to hospital."

There was a redback in the pantry
by UginDaSpireeDragon August 21, 2015
a high quality beer originating in western australia that has an aftertaste of banana and is favoured by australian women, but enjoyed on the whole as it is incredibly awesome.
customer: "can I grab a pot of redback, please, waiter?"
by tiny dancer July 4, 2004
Texas Dollar from the Republic of Texas before joining the United States
That will be 5 redbacks.
by greenfox1505 December 14, 2011
Alternative form for the word wetneck.
That redback's mom is from Arkansas and his father is from Mexico City.
by JHBennett October 14, 2008
Doing a girl or guy up the date missionary style on the carpet in front of a mirror. The intense friction on the coarse carpet gives the receiver's back the classic carpet burn signature usually encountered on one's knees after taking it doggy style.
Chris: Dude, that chick at the bar is gonna get some serious redback lana action when I get her back to my place! Damn!
by fistintheface July 5, 2013