Hell no!!!!!, I ain't eating you out when the red tide is arround.
by Mike March 30, 2005
A golden shower with a beautiful red tinge resulting from blood in the urine. Often caused by excessive running, urinary tract infections, or the occasional kidney punch.
"Bro, thanks for the kidney punch yesterday, my girl loved the red tide I gave her tonight."
by Bddurden August 21, 2011
The act of having vaginal or oral sex with someone who is menstruating.
John: "Man, that's intense! I just caught Rob surfing the red tide."
by Eduardo Cullena January 8, 2009
Sorry I've been so cranky these past few days; I'm surfing the red tide.
by the cheshire kat August 8, 2008
Similar to the Blumpkin El Nino, however instead of toilet water that splashes on her chin it's diarrhea
just as i was getting a blumpkin last night that double cheesburger i had went right through me and caused a Blumpkin Red Tide on her face
by another new guy December 12, 2006
When 2 lesbians are oiled up and one or both are having that "time of the month" and slide off each other during the act of 69
My lesbian coworker got hurt after an red tide slide last night
by Juggernaut 69 June 29, 2021