the one girl/guy you can hook up with after breaking up with an ex.
Man that girl couldn't handle me, so I went to get a rebound.
by Jimmy Bonez January 15, 2007
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Liking another guy to balance out what you had with your previous boyfriend.
He broke my heart. "ohh look he's cute!" I like him now.
by Whore April 24, 2004
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a person in a relationship that is used by the opposite person as an emotional or romantic crutch when their partner, or spouse doesn't provide for their emotional needs.
James:So hows the new girl going?
Josh: Oh, great...but she has a boyfriend.
James:Dude, don't be her rebound!
by Arbitureis September 10, 2009
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I would have never fucked her if I knew I was getting Steven's rebound.
by Duke Hempstead January 24, 2017
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When fighting another person, if you get knoced down to the ground, you get back up and start fighting even harder than before, and you kick the other persons ass.
During the fight yesterday Adam got knocked down but he won the fight with a rebound.
by A-State February 19, 2006
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a sexual move which is simply summed up as a double-cockslap

step 1: determine target,stabilize head with one hand and keep the other one free and at your side.

step 2: once you have her on her knees you sway your hips to whichever way she is as to give her a cockslap (preferably the either cheek)

step 3: after you make contact ,your junkwill go the other way where your free hand has been patiently waiting to whip your penis back into her face.

(please note: if there is more than one girl, feel free to modify this move to suit your needs)
-dude1: sup my dude, i was with the chick i was telling you about and i finally gave the rebound a shot, to my surprise . she asked me to do it again

-dude2: chyeahhhhhhhhh. rebound ftw
by AjTheSnowman March 31, 2009
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To bound again, bound for a second time
After I bounded the first time, in a burst of energy, I rebounded.
by Tom Goodman August 2, 2005
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