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The definition of it ain't easy to explain.
It can be seen as an action or as a result of an action.
It's often related to some sort of confusion and uncoordinated motion or thinking.
A rebolation is most of the times unconscious and the origin and cause of such behavior remains unknown.
He was acting normal, but suddenly he did a huge rebolation, leaving everyone in the room speechless including himself.
by the_royce October 31, 2010
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Rebolation is a way of dance the psycodelic trance (aka "psy") music, usually on rave parties. The most common reference is "RalpH FritowS No Rebolation". The psy rebolation seems very like a fast simplification of "break" dance, and therefore you can say that is a kind of "suburban black music".

However, in Spanish "rebolation" means something like "fast moving ass".
She's dancing rebolation.
by spoock March 18, 2010
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