Nickname given to Senator Mitch McConnell because every piece of legislation sent his way is guaranteed certain death.
That bill will never pass the senate so long as the Grim Reaper is in office.
by Captain Kletorez December 28, 2021
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E de an grim reaper?
by M222Z May 3, 2018
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A voyage in Sea of Thieves (a popular Microsoft exclusive title developed by RARE) that can haul in more loot than any regular run purchased from Order of the Souls, Gold Hoarders, or Merchant Alliance. A Reaper's Run, if done correctly, can earn you unique prizes as well.
K got the Glowing Reaper Sail from a Reaper's Run
by DaddySauceKing March 20, 2019
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a Matt is a person that :
1. hates math
2. doesn't like school
3. is an amazing fortnite player
4. has cats
5.hates life
6. hates other people
7. likes sleeping.
8. hates his brother.
(e.g. oop, yup we've found a Matt (reaper) )
by *BITMASTER>GAMER February 25, 2019
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Its when Jesse Romo and Cody Sanchez fist a girl/Guy and leaves them bleeding and the buttwhole gets 5 inches wider.
My mom said Jesse And Cody gave her a California reaper whole
by All hail our lord and savior h February 20, 2016
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