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Real = True, exact, no fault, no fake, thrust worthy, clear, absolute etc.

Deal = contact, transaction, barter, exchange etc.

Real Deal = what you are getting is excellent in the above ways
Fred is a real deal type of person, he'd never let you down. Fred is a real-deal man.

When George is given a mission, he's always making sure the assignment is perfectly accomplished. George is a real-deal man.
by George Manont March 11, 2008
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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The king-ding-ling big dog. Home of the 9+ whopper and every ladies wet dream
Oh my god Betts, don’t you wish you were the Real Deal like Stef? Yes Pasq, Stef really is the real deal. And a complete fucking legend as well.
by THE RD October 23, 2020
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I drank a six pack, booted some of the real deal, and fell unconscious for a few hours.
by clamum May 04, 2004
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A true blow job. Her (or his, depending on what you're into) mouth on the shaft, hand cupping the sack, and thumb up the ass. The Real Deal.
Max: "Yo did you get your dick sucked last night?"

Andrew: "Hey man listen, I got better than that...I got the REAL DEAL."
by rob rob6969 October 28, 2008
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Pro gaymer. Would have a much larger fanbase if he wasn't Welsh.
"OMG there's RealDeal. He looks like a sexeh beast, shame he fucks sheep"

by Anonymous June 27, 2003
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