an acronym for "round 'bout now" or "right 'bout now" obviously used for text messaging/social media
Girlfriend: "Babe look, I made brownies the other day, they look good, right?"

*sends photo*

Boyfriend: "Oh babe, I could go for one of them rbn"
by humanitary June 19, 2016
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(n.) Acronym for Russian Business Network, a large-scale, organized cybercrime organization specializing in the sale of stolen identities.
I think I know how my bank account got hijacked--I might have accidentally logged into a phishing site on the RBN. That explains why the URL ended in ".ru".
by nicktrance October 7, 2008
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Pronounced ribbons stands for: Rug Burn Noticeables. A term that describes the visible rug burns on the knees, elbows, and other parts of the body that are a product of sexual acts.
Damn! Heather must have been giving some serious blowjobs lastnight. Did you see all those RBNS on her kneecaps?
by Brittany T April 22, 2008
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RBNS can occur on certain mornings where one wakes up and the proboscis staring back is visibly larger than the one from the night before. This phenomenon does not occur in any observable pattern but irritants are thought to be cameras and alcohol.
Upon diagnosis, one should treat with full Mr Potatohead mask, if not available large glasses or spending the day indoors is recommended.
Symptoms usually disappear within a day.
Nigel - "We had an amazing night...morning not so good. I woke up to her screaming and pointing at my face.
Jocelyn - "What was wrong?"
Nigel - "I ran to the bathroom mirror and realised I had a breakout of Random Big Nose Syndrome (RBNS)"
Jocelyn - "Unlucky"
by NigelBigNose March 18, 2010
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A very pro cs go player, he loves the autosniper and he is very good with it ;)))
Hes a young man with a very squeaky voice.
But one day he will become the CS GO masterr.
by TFUYT November 21, 2016
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