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Queen: loving and caring for the people around her. Sometimes she gets caught up in her feelings but that's just her. She really cares about others and admire their opinion even though all the time she might not take it. She is a leader who leads with a positive attitude. She is very unique in her own special way. Also lets not forget her talent, if there is one thing she is it's talented. She has multiple talents and loves to use them. If you ever meet a Raynell without getting to know them you'd think that they're stuck up by there looks. But if you really get to know them you'd realize what friend yo find. Once you there back you know that they have yours so don't ever underestimate them because they never give up.
Raynell is the one of the most unique and most beautiful names I've ever heard.
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by Qween Ray November 26, 2017
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