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A kind person, who is often misunderstood. Does not become attached easy. But once he finds a true friend, there are none who can be as kind, sweet or pleasant to be around as him. Never gives a complement without it being completely sincere.
People will often not be as happy, unless there near this person, and often have a rayce as there best friend, which no one comes close to comparing too.
yeah that's a rayce for you
by bristal April 04, 2011
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Somebody who is very sweet and genuine. Also very strong and stubborn at times. Treats his lady right and wants the best for her
Rayce is a gummy bear. He is my blue gummy bear!! Grawr!!

Rayce is a VERY sexy beast!!
by SimplyLuckyToBeHis January 19, 2018
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Rayce is hoooot💯💯💯Like really hot! He is usually funny, kind, and charismatic as all get out. Often described as as sexy beast, his natural good looks and cunning aurora always play to his advantage.
1. Damn Rayce is hot!
2. All the other girls have a crush on Rayce, guess I’ll join the line.
3. I wish I had me a Rayce right now.
by Yeetmaster62 May 05, 2018
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A rayce is hott💯💯 she is usally dirty blonde blue eyes tan and often missunderstood. A rayce is someone who cares about other more than her . she will give before she takes.if a rayce likes you or want to be with you get her while you can. Don't wait, if you wait she will be gone right before your eyes.
Man I should of got Rayce while I had the chance
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another word for kind and smart. It is also used often for describing stupid and annoying boys.
Ash: Hey! Can you tell him to stop annoying me!
Syd: Sorry, I can't help it. He's just a rayce
by Pikochan February 18, 2011
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