1:To Get Fucked Over.
2:To Be Used.
Dave : "Hey Where's Your Stash."
Frank : "Jimmy The Arsehole Smoked It All."
Dave : "Man You Got Rawted."
by UNCLE KEPP April 12, 2007
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A word to describe a situation that is awkward, difficult, bad, silly or just weird. It's when you can't think of another word to say.

Pronounced kind of like "reh" or "rah"
Ex 1. Weirdo man: hey girls, what's up

Taya and Molly: rawt you're a weirdo

Ex 2. Mom: you are going to be the dragon for the next three years

Taya and Molly: rawttttttttt
by @purpleweirdo November 4, 2018
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Someone stealing something from anyone or anything.
"Ay Bro...I was doin mad rawts the other day...snaked a Lap-Top outta some blokes car"

"Don't trust him around ya stuff man, He's a rawt ass"

"That dude tags the name RAWTZ coz he's a theif"

by -SKITZO- March 21, 2006
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is the complete and utter annihilation of the punanni region showing no mercy.
chick:i dont think u can zuben my life up

shifty stooge:bitch ill rawt ur mutt

chick:i love it when u talk dirty

shifty stooge:ill b rawting u soo hard peices of ur mutt b flying everywhere
by zubb September 2, 2008
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That sound that emits from Reptar's anus when he breaks wind. Also applicable to any flatus worthy of Reptar status.
Dude that was such a rawt
by pniscar January 10, 2012
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rawt means rawt
laura said to maisie 'rawt'
maisie replied, 'rawt'
by axutumn February 16, 2016
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