A green dinosaur made popular by the phenomenal nineties show, Rugrats. The dinosaur is now found on The Devil Wears Prada shirts, and on scenesters myspace profiles. hahahah

Oh, btw, I ain't making fun of scene kids or tdwp. I actually enjoy some of the styles and music :)
I heart the devil wears prada :)
|YK3 0/\/\G! Reptar is like...so hXc..

just like....The Devil Wears Prada.
by NotJSTAR July 28, 2008
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The ultimate form of Pwnage.

levels of Pwnage:
1. Pwn
2. Bukakke
3. REPTAR!!!!!!!
Dude! That bowling ball just Reptared his testicles like your mother!
by Alex and Timm June 22, 2006
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Something thats a huge dreal.
There are different classes of reptar.
Just REPTAR is something big ebnough to have attention payed to it, and its really cool.
thers reptar-HUGE.
the best and biggest form of reptar.
-to be great, and big. And something worth paying atention to.
1) That new ipod is so reptar. I need one.

2)Oh my god, im throwing this party at my house. Its going to be reptar-HUGE.
by AdrianasaurusREXXX February 6, 2009
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"Reptar" (Rep-ta-RRRR)
A word meaning bigger than big.
A word describing a quanity or size.
A threat to smaller mass.
To jock on someone.
To reptar means the same as to jock.
"I'm going to reptar on his bitch ass."
"The barge is reptar."
by Alan Mager/Stephen Ellis March 19, 2008
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When someone take their frustration (and or) anger out on a sex partner.
"I had a rough week.. luckily I met this broad at the club..
I gave that bitch a Reptar.. Bitches loves Reptar."
by Metal Metal Rob January 24, 2012
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To be "reptared" means to be incredibly intoxicated. This usually refers to drinking too much beer or malt liquor.
shit bro, that 40 of hurricane got me so reptared last night.
by dragonzord September 1, 2006
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