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awsome; meaning along the same as
"man that OWNS!" aka "man thats BOSS!"
highly thought of.
"her hair was so boss."

"omg, thats so boss!"
by Nathalia November 12, 2006

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British slang for
Those boots are so raw. I HAVE to go get some.

I stopped eating so I can get skinny and raw,
then maybe I can do modeling.
by Nathalia November 12, 2006

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a hardcore band that has unusual/goofy lyrics,
that often make no sense,
yet seem to tickle your senses and make you laugh.
a well-known song by knucklepuck is...

by Nathalia November 12, 2006

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we are NOT to be mistaken with scene
we are the upcoming generation,
which will probably also be covered in fakers in a few years, but for now, it is a select group.
we take pride in our appearance,
and we are, believe it or not, more high-maintenance than scene kids. we are obsessivley skinny, most of the guys are gay/bi, but a few are staright. we focus on the latest HIGH FASHION/COTOURE trends. we obsessivley read fashion mags, and watch shows like americas next top model, project runway, and nip/tuck. most want to have plastic surgery,and most have an eating disorder. many make their own clothes, and/or model their own/their friends designes. they use british slang, and MAINLY reside in the UK. they listen to pop/techno elcetro, electronica, music. they have unusual hair, ad are over-critical. perfection is their life.

clothed in:
lots of jewelry/accesories.
cowboy boots/boots.
homemade creative touches/clothes.
designer names.
ex. of fashion kids listed below.

fashio kids are associated with the following:
slang: british terms. fir, raw, tool.

pauljoe, gucci, prada, andy warhol, dolce & gabbana, blumenaire, burberry.

convo: boy1: did you see her shoes?
boy2- yeah, they were so repulsive.
boy1- i know, cheap knockoffs of marc jacobs. whatever.
boy2- yeah what a tool.
boy1-but did you see that guy?
boy-I know, he was SO fit.
boy2- and those boots are mad raw.
boy1- lets go buy some. :]
by Nathalia November 10, 2006

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okay, wow.
you people have no idea what your talking about.
why do you hold so much hate against the scene?
yeah, scene kids are very exclusive, and tend to pack together, but thats usually b/c its hard to find them around you, and b/c they try to keep underground, underground.
im not in the scene anymore,
I got tired of all the fakes coming in.
they've ruined our name into what it is today.
no, we don't run around plotting against "preps".
and we're not all gay.
scene kids derived from the "underground music scene"
origonating in the UK,
and spreading into Orange County, and across the world through MYSPACE.
alot of scene kids DO have alot of myspace friends,
b/c the TRUE scene kids,
are usually gorgeous,
and people are envious.
and if your bashing, its probably you.
we are not to be mistaken with emo.
we don't hate the world,
and we aren't filled with apathy.
we tend to look the same,
but we're all different inside, we're all PEOPLE.
not plastic, although we adorn ourselves with it.
we listen to good music, music that stupid people don't know, and we keep it that way.
so while we're listening to waking the cadaver, with real piercings, the REAL hair, and everything else, you can go ahead and think your a "scene kid" while listening to MCR witha fake nosering and shitty ass hair.
fake scene kids should die,
b/c they are the ones trying to be something they aren't.
thats why we're mean and stuck-up.
we're VAIN. and think that more than half of you reading this are plain out FAKE. well, here's the TRUE definition for you confused people.

Scene Girl; a girl who listens to mostly hardcore. has piercings monroe, septum,collarbones, webs, etc. heavy eyeliner the rainbow makeup has been over, sorry fake eyelashes. BIG hair, cut choppy, either short, or short on top w/ long extensions black, black/whiteblonde,whiteblonde/etc no more dinosaurs dumbfucks! its all about tube tops, tank tops and skinny jeans. BIG bows, not the little gay ones. most have their nails done, and are VAIN. go out/hangout with scene boys. make regular appearances at shows, bf/friend in a band possibly, or personally knows a band.

scene boy; listens to hardcore. short choppy BIG hair, not flat OR emo. usually black/whiteblonde/etc.] piercings such as snakebites, septum,etc.] has a scene gf. in a band possibly/knows a band. skinny jeans/tight. converse, nikes, sometimes vans. tight shirts. regular at shows.
ex. of what REAL scene kids think.

dinosaurs are DUMB.
little bows are DUMB.
flat hair is DUMB.
rainbow makeup is DUMB.
unreal looking skulls on clothing are DUMB.
emo kids are DUMB.
people who make fake profiles of us are DUMB.
you are probably DUMB.

its just our mindset,
I admit.
outsiders AREN'T welcome,
we are eaten up with vanity,
and we deserve to be.

by Nathalia November 10, 2006

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