Completely mad, off your nut, out of your mind, lost your marbles, foaming-at-the-mouth lunacy.
Dave to Sam: Hey man, is that your new car? Give me the keys, I want to see how it drives...

Sam to Dave: You're rathed ! I'm not letting you drive my car...

by Erinbeth August 3, 2006
John Rath, the King of Math is a real smart guy.
by hazzardsb88 March 12, 2009
1. "...and the mome raths outgrabe." (Lewis Carroll, "Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There")
2.The farmer has a flock of raths.
by zeekage October 26, 2003
Robot-assisted Total Hysterectomy
Ashley doesn't like that Rodger knows the appropriate acronym for Robot-assisted Total Hysterectomy - RaTH
by The best Gyn June 29, 2020
Madfurps oc whom is just a literal purple flame with a skull mask. Totally not based off of Tabi, Madfurps beloved, and definitely not a play on the word 'Wrath'.
"My oc is Rath" - Madfurp (idfk, its a name)
by Susus Amogus May 31, 2021
a cool DK character who loves kickin' demon ass!
Rath: Let's go kick some demon ass, you guys!
by Thatz Foreman December 21, 2003
Bubble gut followed by extreme diarehia and back splash.
I went to an Indian restaurant with my girlfriend and it gave me the rath of peepers. Now i have to clean it off the wall.
by IamTheBee October 5, 2008