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To consume copious amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time, usually ending in memory loss.

Such acts are done in the presence of good mates who will 'rark' with you, if not harder.'s rark this weekend.

We should get on the rark
by Wadidiya April 27, 2011
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Another term for the act of vomiting.
a. I was so wasted I rarked on my shoes

b. I think I ate so much I need to rark.
by faranora September 27, 2010
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The true story of a true rark: Once long ago, a girl was trying to win a stuffed animal out of the claw machine but ran out of change. While she, in despair of already wasting $4, put change inside a change machine, another girl won the stuffed animal out of the claw machine, and gave it to her.

Random compliments, hugs, free items, etc. all fall under the category of a "Rark"

If someone runs up to you and randomly hugs you, an appropriate thing to reply with is "Thanks for the rark!"
by Madalyn Grimm July 19, 2009
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verb - to stab
exclamation - damn/fuck!
acroynm - Random Acts of Rage with Knives
Stop rarking!
That was such a rark!
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