The feeling when you're randomly assigned to a team, shit goes wrong in the beginning but, gets way better in the end

Sidemen $100 vs. $10,000 Holiday with the team of Simon (Miniminter), Tobi (TBJZL), and JJ (KSI)
Guy 1: How was your day
Guy 2: It was a Red Team kinda day
by MikeyD25 April 17, 2019
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Only the most badass team ever! With a lazy ass, a kiss ass, a...donut, a Mexican robot and a kickass handsome young sexy totally going to win this war Sarge ever!
"Grif! The red team is the best team, right?" "Yes sir, sir."
by YeahToastGOD June 6, 2017
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A term used to identify a female who is menstruating.
"Man, this sucks, my girl's on the Red Team this week."
by Lil Nashville June 12, 2008
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Code for bringing pure Communism into a nation under the guise of social wokeness, political correctness, and racial equality.
If we steal this election, we can Red Team the country before anyone even notices.
by Save America March 5, 2021
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A team trio in the Marvel universe with Matt Murdock/Daredevil,Peter Parker/Spiderman,and Wade Wilson/Deadpool.And it's the best team in the Marvel universe.
Austin:)Hey Zack do u like Marvel heroes? Zack:)Fuck yes.Marvel heroes are the best. Austin:)who are your favorite heroes in the Marvel universe? Zack:)Daredevil,Spiderman,and Deadpool are my 3 favorite heroes in the Marvel universe. Austin:)So your basically referring to Marvel Team Red bcuz all three of your favorite Marvel heroes you mentioned wear red and them 3 have worked together in the comics before.
by Kingsteveharrington5556666 November 2, 2019
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Nickname from computer and tech enthusiasts for AMD, Intel's and Nvidia's main rival in the CPU and GPU market respectively. Comes from how their logos and packaging are mainly in red.
Team Red has absolutely demolished Intel's consumer product lineup this year.
by Sodapone December 18, 2019
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