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A penis that is slightly or largely bent due to either using one hand only for masterbation, or trying too hard to get the penis in a hole too small.
"His dick got bent trying to rape that beaver. Serves him right"
"So he's got rape cock?"
by konnr July 06, 2013
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Derived from the boredom of a grade 11 biology class and a del monte "Grape Cocktail" juice box, rapecock was abrubtly created througha burst of creative inginuity and complete disregard for what the hell was going on. When certina letters in "Grape Cocktail" are scratched out..."rape cock" is formed. Rapecock can be used in two texts.

The term Rapecock was also given to the rather crude handshake invented by Communist Kevin.
1. Noun. n. - Given as a name to someone who is hot/needs to settle down.
ex. "Hey! RAPECOCK (refering to person)! OR Chill Rapecock!"

2. Adverb. avb. - Describes an action that a person is doing.
ex. "That is a very rapecock thing to do"
by Communist Kevin May 01, 2005
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To be of the essence, or the following of the great juice box...Rapecock was created by Greg of Kitchener Ontario. Created with markers and a simple juice box...rapecock is the result of stroking off letters in the name "Grape Cocktail." Given reference to someone who makes you all groan.
"Man what a rapecock"
by Cressy April 26, 2005
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