When something is so gnarly you ain’t got anything else to say
Jay: my bitch just keyed my car bro!
You: damn, that bitch is ranked.
Cece: Ay, check this pack out homie.
You: *sniff* Fuhh bro, that shit is ranked!
Cece: Damn straight lets moke up.
by Peaur October 10, 2020
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To perform the act of masturbation
"He said he was afk, but we all know he went to play ranked"
synonyms: Wank, Choke the chicken, flog the one eyed snake, toss, Stroke-and-go, Rubbing the rod.
"Brb guys, playing ranked"
"i need a new league account, mine got banned"
by ToyCat June 23, 2016
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Ranked Non (scientific name: Rankus Nonus) is a species of Nons that have a VIP rank. They normally annoy people and have a case of ADHD
MVP: Ah look. A non trying to pretend to be a non
MVP++: Definitely a Ranked Non
by TrisecTroop August 30, 2022
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