When you believe you are getting a bonus, but instead you get nothing.
So did you hear, the company decided to hand out nonuses this year.
by jaysnoop April 13, 2009
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STEVE: "Hey Joe, I heard your company didn't do as well this year. Did you still get a bonus?"

JOE: "We got a nonus this year"
by decu68 August 06, 2010
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Nonu, what many Indian people call a significant other, child, etc.. It is referred to as "cute" or "small".

Also can be a nickname kept from family.
"He is just my smart little Nonu."
"Ankit, can you call Nonu downstairs?"
by I speak Hindiusm February 08, 2019
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A cute baby irrespective of gender that is too soft and fluffy to touch
My wife is a cute nonu since she has baby fats on her cheeks and very soft skin
by gildesh_the_elf April 25, 2019
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