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A man who chicks usually dig on, he also usually has a chiseled body and a perky ass.
Damn girl did you see that guy ranen? He is sooo sexy!!
by Jorge Blacky April 03, 2011
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a man who sometimes is in desperate need of an attitude adjustment.

a very sexy man with a good sense of humor and a charming personality, but has major PMS.
"shelia! omg.. ranen is such a nice guy."
"dont be silly denise, you know its only temporary!"
"yeah, that boy needs to have his period!" - deb
by denise and shelia jj January 15, 2009
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A Homosexual loser who has a one inch dick and who’s voice sounds like a duck on crystal meth.
Ranen is super lit he gets all the girls without even having to say anything.
by Nu way May 17, 2018
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