When someone goes to the trap and goes to either a drug dealer or some sort of gang banger and will pull out their strap and rob that person for all there money.
Aye homie, i just ran it up on richy, got a whole stack off him we good homie!
by Vaseee February 21, 2017
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To have sexual relations resulting in ejaculation within an orafice
"I ran up in shawty," meaning I had sex with said girl and ejaculated(ran)inside of her.
by Really Hot Black Chick February 13, 2008
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this is a situation that happens when a female gets gangbanged by multiple males (more than one man) at one time on the same night during the same sexual encounter it may be planned or spontaneous which means it happened without them talking about it up front but they all gave consent as it was happening


1. two or more males who have sex with

2. the exact same female

3. at the same time
4. on the same day/night/date
5. and as a group
6. no sneaking
7. full transparency
8. they all know what's going on
9. it is not an orgy where everyone has sex with each other, this is one female and many males

this is not to be confused with an orgy but this is distinctly one female taking multiple males into one or all of her orifices (mouth, anus, vagina) at the same time. the males may also wait in a line or the female might also jack them with her hands or her feet. the female may also orally stimulate them during the interaction and it would still qualify as getting ran.

the males usually do not have sex or sexual contact with each other when they ran a female

this definition may also include multiple men with one male or one female with multiple women who use strap-ons on her but they all gang up on that one person at the same time

"getting ran," "getting ran up"
"I love it when skylar and his friends ran up in me together. It was fun!"
by Vita Smart November 29, 2022
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shes been ran up in so many times
by shatel December 20, 2003
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