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A situation "goes rainbowcake" when a perfectly innocent, frivolous conversation suddenly explodes into discord and strife; particularly when it becomes a political argument that never seems to end. While applicable in real life, rainbowcaking most commonly occurs in internet threads. The correct response when someone begins to rainbowcake you is to say "until it's frozen!" It spawns from the great rainbowcake apocalypse of 2014, which can be seen on The Concourse by googling "rainbowcake apocalypse."
The discussion about the relative cuteness of puppies versus kittens went all rainbowcake when Harriet called Abagail's viewpoints on the fluffiness of her tail taoist communist propoganda perpetrated by the lamestream media.
by mrsroboto August 09, 2014
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When someone shoves fruity pebbles up their partners butt hole, and then jumps on their stomach with full force. This causes them to shit it out.
Mike: Hey! Get those fruity pebbles away from my butthole!
Steve: Don't worry bro, I'm not making a Rainbow Cake.
by Gurwie March 26, 2010
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This cake is perfect for birthday parties and other festive events. It has five different colored and flavored butter layers (strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, grape) with cream cheese icing and rainbow sprinkles. You can find the recipe at
Hey mama, make me a rainbow cake!
by alexnicks December 15, 2014
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