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Noun: A term given to a coworker who thinks everything they do is golden. They also believe they are so high above you they walk on rainbows and their shit smells like flowers. They are also incapable of showing respect to anyone.

Noun: Opposite of one might think, a Rainbowalker is a person who is the void of all color. In this void a vacuumed is created where all logic is sucked in and destroyed. This includes the inability to follow simple spoken or written direction or communicate with anyone on any real level.

Verb: When a coworker insists doing something their way, because they can see themselves doing no wrong, despite many telling them otherwise.

Adjective: When someone's teeth are so messed up they look like they not only feel from a high ugly tree but from a rainbow and landed directly on her face.
Noun: "I really don’t want to go to work today."
"Why, what's wrong."
"Rainbowalker is there today."
"I see."

Noun: "Why would she do that? That makes no sense!"
"Are you really surprised? It's Rainbowalker."

Verb: "She just did a half ass job, you got Rainbowalkered!"

Adjective: "I really hate it when she smiles at me, showing me her rainbowalkered teeth."
by Hurricane of Truth April 11, 2011
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