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The rainbow flag is the lgbtq+ flag. This flag is mainly called the 'gay' flag even tho the gay flag is something else. The rainbow flag is so represent all the parts of the lgbtq+ community.
Each color had its own meaning

Red = Life
Orange = Healing
Yellow = Sunlight
Green = Nature
Blue = Harmony
Violet = Spirit
Some person: *points at rainbow flag* "it's the gay flag"

Someone else: "no that's the lgbtq+ flag"
by Gayqueen July 6, 2021
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When one straight person makes a questionable homosexual comment or gesture to another straight person. Just like in football when a flag is thrown indicating a penalty.
Peter: What was up with Bjorn grabbing your junk earlier tonight?

John: Yea, that was a total rainbow flag on the play.
by vAnCiTyCaNaDa March 24, 2009
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A redneck who acts very homophobic and acts very straight. But in the inside is the fashion loving, home designing, hayyyy boy.
hey cleatus see my ford

yeah i see it.

aint it hawwwttt cleatus?

wtf no its a car you Rainbow Flag Redneck
by Jfedstheman June 2, 2009
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