Ugly girls who stand near the entrance of a VIP booth at a club hoping to attract any guy's attention to get a free drink.
"Can you believe that railbird actually asked if I had any matches? Bitch wasn't smart enough to even ask me for a lighter."
by Extra Mayo March 22, 2014
A female poker groupie. Could also apply to other gambling games where spectators stand around the table.
I think that railbird wants to peck at your stack.
by Bill gronos June 24, 2006
A person that watches or gambles on a game of pool without actually playing
You should see the side money games at pool expo - I saw a race to 21 racks of 10-ball for $5,000. Must've been 50 railbirds around that table getting in on the action.
by Break_And_Run March 18, 2009