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Someone somewhat smart and shares common traits. Is a great friend and is a "memer". Sometimes weird
"wow, that kid is such a raghav omg"
by xxsinzaftxx April 09, 2017
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A 'Raghav' is typically a person who is intelligent, but also very "meme". Known currently as a "memelord", Raghavs have the ability to make a joke about any situation. These situations can include friends getting F's on Physics Test, or friends bragging about how good they are at something. However, Raghavs have one key weakness: They are forgetful. Take, for example, the major hack in India. A Raghav accidentally left his computer logged in and a scammer was able to hack his information, and posting naughty things on the unfortunate Raghav's social media.
CS:GO pro: Yo, I got a 50% on the Physics Test.
by RameshShankar January 14, 2017
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Very intelligent man. Those with this name usually tend to get 100%s.
Bob: Yo I aced that test!
Susan: Oh god! You Raghav'd it!
by PutoLover April 19, 2017
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Raghavs are usually very intelligent and are funny. They can make a joke out of anything and they are usually very attractive and social. They have many friends and usually everyone gets along with Raghavs. Raghav is a rare name and if you find a person named Raghav make them your friend because they can bring you a good fortune to your life and they will always be there no matter what happens.
Raghav is a savage.
by Ransome Rasberries October 12, 2017
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