The common reason many comic book superheroes have superpowers. A prime example would be the Fantastic Four.
"'Why does he have superpowers?'. Well, he, he was born a was bitten, they've done that...uh....Oh, hell just do the old radioactivity thing."
by Blackbird June 29, 2005
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A slang term for wack or "not cool"
Used in conjunction with the Pasadena term "active"
Originated in Eagle Rock specifically Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock.
Homework is soooo radioactive.
This girl didn't call me back, she's soooo radioactive.
by missmeags April 24, 2009
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A chick who is damaged beyond repair. They usually have 5 red flags upon brief interaction. These females are manipulators, disrespectful, narcissists & liars. They have a “What have I got to lose”? Mindset & will resort to evil & unthinkable tactics to deflect accountability for actions & destruction they have caused, or to get their way. 9/10 these chicks have criminal records & are not commitment material. Sometimes they’re not save for a one night stand. They ruin lives of men & women in the dating world, fake it caring about whomever they’re with & will strike their partner like a black widow, before discarding & moving on to the next person. They collect spirits & souls like the grim reaper & are best left in the sewer. They’re too dangerous for the streets
Walter hooked up with a chick with a face tattoo. She asked him to borrow his car, he said “Hell No”! & she vandalized it after punching him in the face & running off.

I told dude she was radioactive.
by Pzy8216 October 3, 2021
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A girl that you cant try and get because she has recently been in a relationship with a friend whom would be annoyed if you went for her.
"Wish me luck, I'm going after her!"
"Bro, you cant go after her, she only broke up with Steve last week, she's still radioactive."
by FearNaught November 3, 2012
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The convergence of radio and interactive media platforms that provide advertisers and marketers the opportunity to reach target audiences through multiple integrated touchpoints.

The RadioActive marketing campaign included radio spots, VideoAds, opt-in email blasts, streaming video and display ads.
by RadioActiveSF March 4, 2009
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Song by J. Grimes (junior Grimes) notable for being closer to his uk roots and for being an unofficial diss to the trash ass rappers from Lee’s summit, MO

Originally released in 2019
J grimes performed “radioactive rage” at the riot room in kc
by Toxicity007 October 8, 2021
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🔥 song by J grimes that was released unofficially in 2019, often considered a low key diss to other rappers in the midwest.

radioactive rage is one of the earliest songs from j grimes plethora of songs which have yet to see the lift of day.

J Grimes released radioactive rage and no one doubted his reasoning behind it

Radioactive rage is a grand scheme of a track trapped inside an amateurish recorded song

Junior grimes wrote radioactive rage and studio did the rest
by Savingymroutine66 January 19, 2022
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