A very cool, beautiful place in L.A. filled with artists and great places to eat & shop & look at old houses with great landscaping.
I am trying to be a very good girl so that when I die, I will go to Eagle Rock.
by Suzanneski July 29, 2005
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Eagle Rock is a tiny little haven tucked away in the rolling hills of Northeast Los Angeles. There are really just two main streets, Colorado and Eagle Rock Blvd. In the last few years there has been a recent increase in the number of hipster "artist" bike riding douchebags though, really bringing down the quality of the town and the overall small town vide. This is due to the over whelming number of rich oxy kids who act like their shit dont stank but in reality are just a bunch of cock munching douches.
Oxy student 1- "Hey brah are you going to urban studies today?

Oxy student 2- "Nah dude there is this swtha bike ride going down in eagle rock today. After that we are going to the coffee table and after that we are going to fattys and after that cafe de leche', but thats in the mexican part of town so be careful"
by Eaglerockinsincebirth July 10, 2012
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Eagle Rock is the town where the infamous Occidental College is located and despite popular belief it is not a dental school, but rather a libral arts college. Eagle Rock during the day can look like a nice neighborhood for a few blocks and then turn into a slum complete with wild cats and various other wildlife that roam the streets most likely with rabies. The reason it was named Eagle Rock was because there is this huge rock that you can see if you get onto the 134 W to Old Town Pasadena that looks like an Eagle's head.
Many parts of Eagle Rock are becoming more trendy and less plain shitty. Swork, The Coffee Table, Fatty's and other cute restaurants provide students, artsy residents, and other such people hang out spots with good food and coffee. The weather is typical LA weather, but the smog in Eagle Rock seems to be a bit worse than other parts of LA.
by Shanro April 7, 2005
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A small yet delightfully tacky town in between Pasadena and Glendale. It is highly multicultural consisting of 50% phillipeanos, 30% mexicans,19% whites, and 1% of others. A common belief is that if you live below Eagle Rock Blvd., you live in the crappier part of Eagle Rock. There MAY be some truth to that.
Eagle Rock Elementary boy: I live below Eagle Rock Blvd. because it's the poorer part of town.
Rockdale Boy: This school is small therefore giving children that learn in smaller classrooms the benefit of the doubt.
St. Dominics kid: I go to a school with a 5 out of 10 point grade. We desperately need a better education and the teachers take over the glory of the kids who go to good schools. Our junior high math department sucks. Wait until high school to be enlightened.
by William Joseph Hemmington December 19, 2004
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Infamous for druggies to be more specific,popular for tweekers and potheads. You know one when you see one because you are one too. Everybody knows everybody if not, they know somebody that you know. Also where everybody is trying to be "emo" or gangster. After all the parties everybody goes to the great taco trucks leo's and for the alumni football jocks 03, rambos.
Pinay filipino girl: So where do you stay at?
Pinoy filipino boyEagle rock.
Pinay: Oh for real? I know some people there.
Pinoy: Like who?
Pinay: My cousin, my bestfriend, her cousin, her cousin's friend, her friends brother, his brothers homeboys...
Pinoy: oh yeah i know them!
by joy January 14, 2005
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To give someone the finger. Originally coined in the early 1960's in reference to Eagle Rock's many Latino gang members, the expression is regaining popularity as the area is gentrified by white, shallow, self-absorbed thirty-somethings.
I looked in my rear-view mirror and some prick in an SUV was giving me the Eagle Rock IQ sign.
by Xavier Z September 7, 2006
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